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"I will make and sell Turrón!"

I decided to make Turrón because,

  • - I met Spanish boy friend and found a kind of sweets called Turrón
    - I really wanted to try it, but it's difficult to find it in Japan
    - even if there are Turrón, they are so expensive
    - I'm thinking to protect Japanese bees
    - I was going to start bee keeping

and etc, but more than anything of all above,
It's because 




Some of you might be confused because I said “bee”, “honey”, and “Almond” before I explain about Turrón.

As you can imagine, Turrón is a Spanish sweet made from mainly from honey and almond. This sweet is known as one of the Christmas sweets in Spain, and you can find them in winter.

There are so many kinds of Turrón; Hard Turrón which contains a lot of whole almond in it, Soft Turrón which is used pasty almond, one with pistachio, one is with chocolate, and etc.



It looks so delicious!!

I feel I really want to try Turrón and I started making it with the Spanish boy friend.
But there was a problem; originally they use a lot of sugar for Turrón. Because I don't take sugar basically, we decided to make it without sugar.



So far, we tried to make for 4 times, but it was very very difficult.
Actually, we couldn't be satisfied with our Turrón yet.
We are in a process of trial and error!

When we can finally make  Turrón which we are satisfied with, we want to sell them in all over the world, and we are planning to protect Japanese bees using the profit!