The story of the beginning of World Resort

People all over the world learn each other's background (culture, values, experience, knowledge, etc.), and by learning and understanding each other, they build a deep relationship.

Furthermore, people who are deeply connected will sympathize with their thoughts and create new businesses and projects.

World Resort started with the desire to create such places and opportunities.

World Resortのロゴ

I am Natsumi Ito and I have a goal
"Energize people's minds and bodies with the power of local foods around the world."
As a first step, I took a leave of absence from university in the spring of 2018 and worked as a manager in a Rwandan Japanese restaurant KISEKIfor 10 months.


What I felt strongly was
"There are things you can understand because you actually go to the site, see it with your own eyes, interact with it, and feel it with your skin."

I noticed that
"I want to know more about the world"
I thought that I would like to quit university and go to countries all over the world to talk with people all over the world.

However, in order to achieve the goal of "revitalizing people's minds and bodies with the power of local food around the world"at UniversityI also wanted to study medicine and nutrition and gain knowledge.

So, while attending university, I searched for a way to engage with multinational people, acquire skills to build deep relationships, and understand different cultures and mutual understanding, and at that time I started the global share house "Liverty Colorful"is.


World ResortAt World Resort, the Japanese desire to "relate with people from all over the world" and "I want to engage with more locals. The foreign community is small and lonely" that I felt from Liverty Colorful. From the thoughts of overseas people, "Let's create a place where everyone can connect with the world", this is a business that jumped out of the share house."


First of all,"World Cooking Class & World Cooking Party", which is an upgraded version of the "World Cooking Party" that was held regularly in “Liverty Colorful”World Cooking Class & World Cooking PartyWill be held online.

世界の料理パーティー コリアンパーティーの写真

It will grow steadily from now on, so please watch it warmly.

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