Everyone is different, everyone is good

Continuing from yesterday's article , I would like to talk about "World Resort".
From this time on, about World Resort's "food" and "cooking" ideas .

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Everyone is different and everyone is good

There are various dishes in the world. There are many unique dishes in each

country, and there are also regional dishes within a country. This is because it is closely related to local ingredients, local environment, history, culture, customs, and living .

In other words, there are as many dishes as there are people and as many people as there are cooks .

Photos of traditional food

Cooking is full of the life of the person who cooked .

The thoughts put into the dish, the memories of the past reminiscent of the dish, etc., appear as taste and create a unique dish .

For example, last year, my global share house " "Liverty Colorful", At the "World Cooking Party" that I regularly held at a> ", I asked a foreign friend at that time to teach me the food of her country of origin and cooked it together, and invited a lot of customers to eat together.

At one point, I decided to hold a "Hong Kong party" with my Hong Kong friends and make dumplings, but when I tried to buy a lot of frozen dumplings,
> "The taste of freshly made dumplings and frozen dumplings is completely different!"
, when I was supposed to make gyoza by hand i was told
"My mom can make this dumpling very quickly!"
"This dish goes very well with lemon tea.


In that way, each of us has a story and memories about the cuisine of our hometown, which manifests itself as a taste and creates a unique dish.

In other words ...
There are a wide variety of ingredients, cooking methods, seasonings, serving methods, and eating methods in the world.
Which one is good or bad, each has its own cultural, environmental and spiritual background.
All of them are good for everyone .

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