The power of food

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World ResortConcept of "food" and "cooking"I will talk about.


World Resort is currently hosting online world cooking classes & world cooking parties with the mission of "revitalizing the minds and bodies of people around the world." The reason why we use"cooking" and "food" is that "food" is greatly related to "physical and mental health".  

Cooking differs depending on each country, region, and the person who cooks.

However, "eating" is common to all humankind.
And our bodies are made of what we eat, andwhat we eat is deeply related to our physical and mental health

Each food contains a variety of nutrients, from macronutrients such as carbohydrates, lipids and proteins to micronutrients, these nutrients help our bodies to build and maintain their health.
In addition, eating delicious foods makes you happy and has a positive effect on your mental health.

Each person cooks with the hope of improve the physical and mental health of the people who eat it, and each person who eats also changes their awareness of "food" a little, so that chain of nice meals spreads and people all over the world can physically and mentally become healthy. We believe that we can create a healthy and energetic world.


At World Resort's "World Cooking Classes & World Cooking Party", from famous international dishes to local meals known only in a limited area, to home-style tastes that may be unique in the world. We actually cook various world dishes and interact with each other while eating.

 So far, we have held a total of 6 times, but Through this "World Cooking Class & World Cooking Party", we will not only rejuvenate the mind and body of people all over the world, but also countries and regions around the world. I start thinking that I can improve not just people also their region or countries. That is because "food" is closely related to "people's lives."
In particular, home-cooked food, which is eaten only in a specific area, is closely related to the local environment, history, culture, customs, etc., and there is a reason why it is eaten in that area.
In addition, there are cooking methods and cooking utensilsthat are unique to the area

By focusing on such indigenous foods, we can improve the people of the area and at the same time preserve the history, culture, traditions and customs of the area.

串焼きの肉 イスラム圏の料理

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